Childcare Cooperative

M.A.R.CH. is committed to building a Childcare Cooperative for parenting folks in the movement community. We aim to create a network of parents and caregivers who  practice the belief in childcare as a collective responsibility. As a project of Cooperative Memphis, M.A.R.CH. is committed to the mission of promoting alternative forms of economic organization in Memphis.

Hence, our Childcare Cooperative will model sustainable structures of cooperation, such as time-share/trade-share/barter systems that encourage democratic control and exchange of our community’s resources. The cooperative will operate as a non-hierarchal system of support, resource-sharing, and mutual aid run by its members. The primary aim of the cooperative is to answer the personal childcare/babysitting needs of its members.

If you are a parent or caregiver in the movement community and are interested in organizing the M.A.R.CH. Childcare Cooperative, please fill out the form below: